The candle in the middle of two burning ends. A patchwork quilt of fair-trade coffees & top notch music will get you through the day. It all begins to unravel again with a night-time tapestry of cocktails, craft beers and bad man beats.

Book a Booth

Get a group of your buddies together and hire one of our comfortable booths, order some quirky cocktails and listen to some funky tunes.

Bookable areas in the Café

Café Window – Seats up to twenty of your nearest and dearest.
Café Tables – Keep it intimate, the cafe´ tables seat up to 6 people.
Café Booths – Featuring gaming tables! The booths fit up to 15 of your cronies. If you mean business you can book out the entire area which fits up to 75.

Bookable areas in the Club

Club Booths – Right in the midst of the action these booths sit up to 15 friends.
The Snug – Party the night away in the snug, fits up to 20 people.