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We are the private booth kings! Yes yes, we may jest here and there, but we are dead serious about lots of comfy spaces to sink into and spend the night. They come in all shapes and sizes, and by golly they are comfy.

All booth bookings include fast tracked entry for your whole party, hostess led table service and one of best seats in the house.

Check out our bottle to tables packages right here.

Free booth hire everyday in January! 

Select ‘Cafe Booths’ when booking and pick your preferred January date!

Our pride and joy, Shift your way through a collection of retro arcade games while enjoying a hearty drink with friends – Sits up to 12 people.

Located slap bang in the middle of our booth cave, the perfect spot to be getting in amongst it while kicking it back all the same. – Sits up to 10 people.

The infamous back booths, the largest areas of the lot right at the end of our booth cave. Perfect for large groups. – Sits up to 15 people.

A cosy corner situated just outside the fray of the dancefloor. The area can be split up into 5 smaller areas for two/three or a large area sitting up to 15.

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